Sunday, July 3, 2011

What an Amazing Day

Well Saturday came and was even more amazing then I had ever thought or imagined. At one point we had FIFTY people here FIFTY. It was a tornado of love. People we knew people we didn't know church friends,work friends neighbors of friends who heard about the work day and came out as a family to help the day was just amazing. We had a literal ton of stuff that went to the dump and another ton of stuff that went to a thrift store that supports an amazing orphanage in Africa. We even were able to bless a few people with odds and ends that they found. To look around the house now you just have to smile the things I thought they were going to do the kitchen floor and the carpet and then the surprises the new acoustic tiles in the living room and the shower repair in my bathroom. All the things that have just been such a burden the last couple of years DONE in one day. I pulled into the driveway today and saw my clean garage and thought, this is the house that Love built. On top of all the enormous blessings we had two of the three months of mortgage paid one by a friend and some of Gary's coworkers. WOW was the word of the day and the end of the day caped off by fireworks outside my window. I just started weeping with joy, this day will live in my memory and my heart forever. Thank you all who made Saturday happen you will never know what you did for our family it just wasn't paint and tile it was a refreshing for our heart and soul thank you from the bottom of my heart we will never forget the love we felt that day..

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